Jon Pratten CEO Jubilee HouseOperating in the Social Care industry continues to be an increasing financial challenge for the Jubilee House team and other operators and we are busy trying to work on breaking the link between the minimum wage set by the government and the need to pay our team and improved salary.  We have opened three new services since 2017 and we are now focussed on continuing to deliver first class care supported by diverse commercial streams of income. Our big achievements of delivering safe and quality care will continue to improve as we adopt new technology, including AI, and continuously improve our practices.

We have a strong management team and continue to attract exceptional people who care about the children and adults we support.  

Relationships with our key partners continue to strengthen and we are looking at new opportunities in the local area to improve our donations and grants so we can better support the operations team and our Service Users. 

Going forward we will continue to focus on delivering safe and quality care in the local community. My thanks, as always, go to the whole Jubilee House team, our partners and the Trustees for their continued support.

 Jon Pratten, CEO

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