Jon Pratten, CEOI hope 2016/17 is seen as a bench mark year for what the whole Jubilee House team can achieve. It’s been a challenging, but great, year for us, with many big achievements and changes. Our management team is stronger than ever, with the addition of three Deputy Managers and a new Registered Manager. This has helped the wider Operations team and allowed senior management to focus on restructuring the organisation.

We have set up a new Supported Living service, improved the Outreach service, increased the hours of support given to our service users, completed our first impact assessment to gain an understanding of how we are viewed, and have managed to have some fun along the way. Relationships with our key partners have strengthened and we are looking at new opportunities in the local area to improve care services beyond what we are already doing. 

Going forward we will continue to focus on increasing the services we can offer and supporting more people in their local community. In 2017/18 we’ve already change our fundraising and donations strategy and implemented new systems. My thanks go to the whole Jubilee House team, our partners and the Trustees for their continued support.

 Jon Pratten, CEO

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