Supported Living - Jubilee House Care Trust

Supported Living

Our Supported Living scheme supports adults who have learning disabilities, providing support from 1 hour a week to 24 hours a day, according to the individuals needs. We give people the choice to live independently in their own home or in shared accommodation with others. We want to ensure that everyone in our Supported Living scheme feels safe, supported and relaxed in their home. Current tenants share a well-equipped home with communal living areas. Each have their own tenancy agreement with a housing provider and we provide support for learning and social opportunities through an individualised support plan.

Our aim is to empower and support people to learn new skills and build on those they already have, such as;

Daily living tasks:

  • Paying bills and managing money
  • Managing health needs
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cooking

Social and leisure:

  • Pursuing hobbies and interests
  • Maintaining relationships with family and friends
  • Community involvement

Education and Employment:

  • Finding a college course
  • Voluntary work
  • Paid work

Building and supporting relationships:

  • Meeting new people and making friends
  • Going to hospital and doctor appointments
  • Dealing with strangers

Independent living:

  • Choosing where to live and tenancy agreements
  • Cleaning the home and being a good neighbour
  • Shopping
  • Travel training

We are currently looking into new opportunities to grow our supported living scheme, to enable us to support more people to live life, their way.


Clare’s Story

“Before joining Jubilee House I lived in Leicester for a long time. I had a chat with my social worker about moving and came down and met their staff for a talk. I was impressed by how big the house was and how friendly staff were. I share the house with flatmates and I am happy that they are nice and friendly and so welcoming.”

“Since moving in I have made new friends and have started working again at a charity shop, they have just made me the Health and Safety representative for the store which I am really pleased about.”

“The staff at Jubilee House are brilliant and my keyworker really helped settle me in, they are there to ask questions, any problems, they are so approachable. The staff give me help doing my shopping and they are helping me organize a holiday for this year and I can’t wait to go away as it will be my first holiday going away with Jubilee House. In April I am doing the work experience program, I can’t wait, I am really excited about it all. I spoke to the work experience co-ordinator Cath and she said I would probably get a level 1 certificate out of it.